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Stained Glass Coloring Book

4.4 ( 7184 ratings )
Giochi Intrattenimento Famiglia Istruzione
Sviluppatore Sporky Studios, LLC
0.99 USD

More than just a coloring book! Its a charming collection of windows with realistic-looking stained glass. Choose from 96 beautiful windows in 6 fun categories—Fruits, Vegetables, Desserts, Flowers, and Fish—as well as 10 bonus geometrical windows. With a boundless variety of colors and 8 different glass patterns, you can make each window a unique and stunning work of art.

Features soul-soothing piano music by Frédéric Chopin (or you can listen to your favorite playlist) to help you relax and unwind.

When you’re done, save an image of your stained glass window artwork to your photos. Then share it with the world.

Adults and children alike can enjoy the apps design. Some windows are simpler, with only a few dozen panes—others are very complex, with well over two hundred individual panes of stained glass to color. Each one was designed to be a fun and engaging activity to help you leave the stress of your day behind.